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Don't rush your Holy Week…travel alongside Jesus.

This time in the year is the most special for Christian people, especially Holy Week and Easter. Holy week starts with Palm Sunday, when Jesus arrives in Jerusalem to cheering crowds, waving palm branches. However, in just a few days it's all turned bad: Jesus is having his final meal (the "Last Supper") and is being arrested, beaten and led out to crucifixion. Then of course it's Easter Sunday and … hang on, I've gone too far… wait a bit … I need to stop… Why? Because those first disciples didn't know about Easter when they witnessed the suffering and death of Jesus. They experienced it all without knowing about a happy ending. Sound familiar?

It took me a long time to realise that different Christian traditions approach this time in different ways. I was privileged to be allowed to train for Methodist Ministry on an ecumenical course, run by the Church of England. On this course I was sent to train in Canterbury during Holy Week. There were several services in the cathedral every day, some particularly intense. It gave me a whole new perspective.

When I became a minister, in 2013, Lent and Holy Week took on another new shape: instead of attending services, I was preparing and leading them. I began to see Lent as time available, set aside, to help us get ready for the horrors of Holy Week. A devout Christian once told me that every time she reads Good Friday story, she wants the crowd to not call for crucifixion, for Jesus to be set free, to escape suffering. But of course, that never happens.

As those first disciples didn't know about Easter when they witnessed the suffering and death of Jesus, in some way they represent everyone who faces suffering and loss with no promise of a happy ending. Such experience is, sadly, common to humanity. That's why this time is so important, so relevant, and is not to be rushed.

As we go through these days of Holy Week, starting on 14th April, Palm Sunday, may God help us to travel alongside Jesus. In this way, might we also find that Jesus is travelling alongside us.



We are situated by the crossroads right at the heart of Stotfold. We extend a warm welcome to everyone, whether local residents or those 'just passing through'.

The present building was built in 1869 and still serves the local community.

Our Sunday morning services usually take place at 10am, although a couple in the month start at 9.30am. Check on the 'Sunday Worship' page to make sure.

One of our monthly services is based around the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

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At the grave, the angel said to the woman: Do not be afraid. I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.
Matthew 28: 1-10